The time is 1880. It was a different time, a different place, but the putrid hatred at the heart of evil men is a timeless plague on humanity.
Baron Devereaux is a gentle giant working as a sharecropper in the bayous of Louisiana. Raised as the son of a now-freed slave, his family still works the land of her former slave-owner’s family, the Michaels, but now run by the son of the former slave master. The old ways have been difficult to let go from some of the families in the area and when Baron finds himself being “too nice” by helping Mrs. Michaels up from a fall, Mr. Michaels, in a drunken stumper, finds himself succumbing to the lynch-type mentality of mob rule.
A kind, innocent, hard-working, black male is brutally beaten for simply being the wrong col-or and being nice to your bosses wife for helping her off the ground.
Killed, but brought back to life by his mother, a revenge seeking voodoo priestess who has lost her only son buy the same family who beat, raped and killed her husband. A secret that she hide from her son for decades has now come back to claim him.
Once resurrected, Baron Devereaux is no more. His mother has renamed him as the force of vengeance that is only known as DEVILREAUX and he is truly a dead man walking seeking revenge.
God may forgive, but Devilreaux has no mercy. Good vs. Evil… Evil vs Bad… It’s all the same when the end result is DEATH.
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